Final film questions
General discussion of Arrival

Notes for re-watch of Arrival

Here is what I have for our re-watch, based on my notes and the Post-Film Writing:

  • Sound and m-e-s (music, dialogue, environmental sounds).
  • Use of color and light, especially in the context of "memory," but also the use of low key lighting.
  • Setting, especially the house.
  • Props and special effects (the ships, the aliens, military equipment and, relatedly, costume).
  • In particular, the first clear shot of the Montana ship and the military compound (setting), and the first scene in the interior of the ship.
  • Action and performance, especially Amy Adams.
  • The use of the "framing" shots.

In addition, there is interest in discussing how this film handles time and time travel, especially in comparison to Twelve Monkeys.



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Caleb Kuhl

Where does the alien language fit into the mes-en-scene?

Where does the concept of time and the memories fit into our film study? What would we label them in our vast vocabulary?

Jose Hernandez

The one question I have is, why Louise?? why was she able t foresee the future? and what did she mean when she said that Hannah's dad left because he wasn't ready to hear what Louise had to say?

Ryan Giles

A question that I had watching the film is why did they wait the last minute to discuss the realtionship between Lousie and Ian. Also how Hannah deals with all of it between the two.


I definitely did not notice that the colors and lighting where different when it came to the memories of Hannah until the re-watch.

Kevin Smith

The biggest thing that I noticed during the re-watch was the subtleties of Amy Adams' performance. Things like the change in her hands shaking or her looks of recognition were lost on me on the first watch.

Jesus Hernandez

One question i have was how general Shang mentioned that Louise's phone call made him change his mind. What was so important of what she said? does it matter? just curious.

Jesus Hernandez

Another question i had was at the end of the movie when Louise talks to Hanna saying "this is where your story starts" assuming thats when Louise and Ian start their relationship, but their doughtier draws pictures of the aliens and makes play dough figures. Can she understand the lungs like Louise can and if so, can Hanna jump time also?

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